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How TV can ‘rewire’ brains of tiny tots.  (2004) states that young children ages from 1 to 3 may be less affected by what they watch on televisions like “Sponge Bob Square Pants”, “Barney” and any other kiddy movies other than,  television programs watch by their parents while the kids playing at their feet with their toys, “panda bears and building blocks”. It points out,  how negative the effect is for the children whose ages are from 1 to 3 who accidentally to be in the same room with their parents watching the television shows of their mom and dad or could be their dad playing “Crossfire” as the children hears the noise, fights and the cracking of the guns.

This action can be considered as “low-level child abuse”. If we were to make a contrast between first-hand smokers and second-hand smokers, experts say that second-hand smoker is more likely in a dangerous state  compared to the first-hand smoker. It is the same as well with the situation of the children as “second-hand television” because their mental health is at stake.

A research of 2,600 children between the ages of 1 to 3 that the more they are expose to televisions or any media gadgets the greater it affects the attention-span loss by the age of 7. How TV can ‘rewire’ brains of tiny tots.  (2004) says:

“They have trouble concentrating or paying attention to a toy or a doll for very long. Although the initial finding sounds like parents ought to keep the tots away from all television at that age — a valid opinion — the study was begun in the 1980s before most of the shows geared to the younger child (like “Teletubbies) were first aired, which suggests that the children were exposed to shows watched by other adults or older children. The children under 3 may not have focused on the television, but they could have been influenced by background light and sound. The medium and not the message might have been the culprit. This radical theory — and it’s only a theory — is that fast-paced visual images can alter normal brain development.”


The American Academy Pediatrics advised the parents five years ago that too much exposure of children below 2 could affect the mental and emotional health of the children. A lot of families disregarded the advise.

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